TilesetPal is an application made for easing the process of color reduction from a 24-bit image to an 8-bit palettized image, particularly for Jazz Jackrabbit 2 tilesets.


Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1

If you do not already have this, you can get it from Windows Update under the Recommended Updates, or you can download it from Microsoft here.


Latest Version: TilesetPal 1.1 (ReadMe) -- Also available on J2O

Older Versions:
TilesetPal 1.0 (ReadMe)


Unzip.  TilesetPal.exe should be able to be run from anywhere, so long as the computer you're running it on has the necessary requirements.  All you need to do is run TilesetPal.exe


TilesetPal is Copyright (c) 2005 by Jeffrey Lindsey (Monolith)

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